Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Coke Sluts

Coke’s the right choice if you wanna get a high in Delhi. But getting a high on the drug is not the only thing which our City’s snoterati yearns. What they crave is the company of the beauty in bed along with their booty. Sleeping for the cokeheads in Delhi is just a coke’s distance away in Delhi’s social circles. There are plenty of girls who’d do anything for snorting a line of cocaine and if you look deeper in the muck, their ways of taking cocaine are too kinky for a layman to imagine.

It was the arrest of Delhi’s well known peddler Naquibullah Ali, who was murdered in Tihar Jail, that the cops came to know how cocaine can get you girls. In his confession report Ali admitted of having sex with his high profile clients including a mother-daughter duo of South Delhi. His long list of women clientele included well-known fashion designer staying in south Delhi. And his different ways of administering cocaine into the body of his women left cops spellbound. Cocaine enters into the body through mucous and wherever mucous is found, cocaine can be taken from there, including the private parts of the women. So these high society women had found rather kinky ways of taking cocaine.

According to a senior Delhi Police cop, “Sometimes it really gets embarrassing if you listen to the telephonic conversation of the peddlers and their high profile clients and their many girl friends in front of subordinates. They either talk about cocaine or sex. Nothing more nothing less. For them value of money is nothing. It’s only Cocaine which can get you anything.”

Well, wherever there’s Cocaine, coke sluts follow you. They can be anybody – right from a daughter of a big Delhi businessman, whose pictures are regularly published by national dailies in page three to a nondescript college student who become a slave to her cocaine suppliers. Sex and even indulging in orgies is a common phenomenon for them.

In fact the Delhi Police cops once bumped into a group of filthy rich south campus college students last year. This group had more girls rather than boys. And the only motive of these guys was to bed these girls in lieu for a line of cocaine. A South Delhi resident who passed out from one of the top public school of the country was involved in this and it was he who introduced cocaine to these college students.

Craving for Coke for these girls was so much that sometimes, they used to venture alone to buy cocaine in the dirty bylanes of Karol Bagh. The same person is often seen in the company of a daughter of a high profile Delhi businessman. Once in a South Delhi nightclub, she was so high that she ended up in the men’s loo with her friend and it took half an hour for both of them to come out of the men’s loo. When both the girls came out, instead of feeling embarrassed, they started fighting with guys inside the loo. What they were doing is anybody’s guess. Toilets are the favourite joints for cokeheads to snort in the nightclubs.

There’s another girl from Greater Kailash, who is Delhi’s another prominent coke slut. Unable to afford cocaine on a daily basis, her craving for the white snow made her sleep with anybody who could give her a line of cocaine. She then also became involved in selling cocaine and whenever she used to meet clients she used to wear a red dress, resembling that of an airhostess of a private national airline. And it took her no time to change her ‘master’ when the previous one went to the jail.

The list of these coke sluts is long and you never know that the girl next door is a coke slut at night.

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